Axx is about more than just training or great entertainment: We empower and equip people who don’t usually have access to resources on life, faith and ministry, including the majority world with little access to quality training. Christians, Churches and Social Enterprises need quality resources they can trust. Axx provides high quality life-changing resources through global media collaboration. Axx is a newly-launched video distribution platform that wants to change the way we see learning. Our content is Christian but relevant to a wide audience. Our content is delivered by experts who are concerned with real life application. Our content brings insight with understanding for a modern culture. The AxxStream side of the platform enables audiences to stream video that helps them address the big issues in life, delve into the hot issues in today’s world, navigate tricky taboo topics and think more deeply about their calling, relationships and wellbeing. As we say at Axx, “There is no concordance for that!” The Axxcelerate side of the platform provides structured learning for all levels on these topics and more, including leadership, ministry, theology, workplace skills and Bible. Skills that are needed to successfully navigate today's world. We’re experienced ministry and media experts who curate content and co-produce with other reputable experts. Dr. Brendan Roach, our Founder and CEO, is a leader in professional development, ministry training and educational innovation. Tex Houston, our Media Guru has extensive media experience especially in documentaries, education and ministry settings. Why should only a privileged few have access to life-changing quality resources? BRENDAN ROACH Founder & CEO